Rekey Locks

Worried about your office or home security due to the stolen keys? Instead of panicking, let our company know. We send pros to rekey locks in Burlington, Ontario, and do so very quickly. You can depend on our team whether you want the locks of your property rekeyed as a precaution or if you need the service urgently. We realize the urgency of rekeying locks rapidly when there’s a security concern and send a pro right away. And we also know the value of quality when it comes to such services and always dispatch locksmiths with great experience and the right equipment in the van. So, if you need lock rekey service in Burlington, don’t think about it too much. Call us.

We quickly send locksmiths to rekey locks in Burlington

Rekey Locks BurlingtonSkilled, hands-on experienced, well-trained and perfectly equipped, the locksmiths rekey locks impeccably. The whole point of this service is to eliminate the possibility of someone getting access into your home, car, or working place. Or, any other facility; perhaps, furniture. Locks are rekeyed when they are in good condition – so, no need to replace them, but the keys are found in the wrong hands.

If you are a landlord ready to let an apartment and you want to ensure home security, you may still want the door locks rekeyed. If an employee left without turning in the keys of the office, you may want the locks rekeyed so that he won’t be able to return without your permission.

Rekeying locks is a matter of keeping a property safe by keeping unauthorized people out. And since this is both a crucial and difficult service, it’s best to turn to Locksmith Burlington.

The lock rekey service is performed with the right tools by experts

We dispatch experienced locksmiths to rekey the locks and also, complete the key change service by the book. They remove the existing pins and place new ones with special equipment and in the right way. When this is done and the lock is in place again, the original key won’t fit anymore. That’s the essence of this service. And so, the locksmiths make new keys to fit the rekeyed lock. Then and there. After all, they travel with all sorts of key replacement products and tools in their truck. And so, they do their work right.

Want door locks rekeyed to create a master key system? No problem

That’s the service you also need if you want a master key system. Such systems work with one or often, several master keys and the individual door lock keys. And so, we can send a pro to rekey your locks so that they will work with one key. If you carry a lot of keys – thus, a heavy keychain, and want to carry just one and still be able to open many doors, call us. We are here whenever you seek experts to rekey locks, Burlington located.